Pay-Net Makes Payroll Easy

Pay-Net was found in 1995 by Wayne Lee and Don Fallon, using their combined 25 years of familiarity in the Payroll Service Industry. Their objective was to establish a company with the reputation of having an excellent product together with the finest customer service obtainable in the industry, presented at a competitive cost level. The company's achievement demonstrates:showcases their obedience to these goals.

Pay-Net, with head office in San Diego, California, provides solutions for your payroll processing and insurance service needs, not only locally, but throughout the country.

As a charter member of I.P.P.A. (Independent Payroll Providers Association), Pay-Net is confident of maintaining modern, state-of-the-art processing systems and access to all up to date payroll tax rules on both Federal and State levels.


Pay-Net is pleased to declare their association with Onepoint Solutions, a nationwide group of payroll companies serving clients in all 50 states. Onepoint Solutions, started in 2001, owns the proprietary software system used by the members. Onepoint Solutions ranks as the eighth major payroll processing company in the United States.


In 2001, Pay-Net became part of Onepoint Solutions, a countrywide company of associated payroll processing companies. While maintaining personal autonomy, Pay-Net is able to provide the means of a nationwide company and its economy of scale, pooled with the service of a local payroll company. Onepoint Solutions also owns our proprietary software system.


Pay-Net's ability to furnish a quality product, at a competitive price,  together with the best customer service in the industry, has enabled Pay-Net to develop into one of the fastest growing payroll companies in San Diego.


Pay-Net is also pleased to announce their Internet-based payroll service called Pay-Net OnLine( may also be of interest). Their clients have been running on this web-based software since 2010 with enormous success. Contact them at (858) 268-1000 for additional information.


Pay-Net believes that today's business requires much more than just a payroll company that prints paychecks. Contact them today at (858) 268-1000 and experience the Pay-Net difference.

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